Happy, Healthy Fish

A happy fish is a healthy fish, and with just a few essentials and some care and feeding, your fish will be vibrant and full of life.


Just like any pet, fish need to be fed regularly with the highest quality food available. Proper nutrition is vital. TetraMin® is the world’s finest fish food and is recommended as a staple diet for tropical fish. TetraFin® is the food recommended for goldfish.

Feed your fish two to three small meals a day but only as much as they will eat within several minutes. Scheduled feedings at the same time each day are recommended.

Your fish can survive several days without food, but if you plan to leave for longer than a weekend, use a vacation feeder or make plans for someone to feed them while you’re away.

Light, Temperature and Stress

Fish need light approximately 10-12 hours each day, but not direct sunlight. Use a light timer to help make sure your fish are getting the light they need.

The temperature of the water needs to remain constant. For tropical fish, use a heater and thermometer to keep the water warm. You don’t need a heater for goldfish or other coldwater fishes.

A stress-free environment away from loud noise, high-traffic and threats from other fish will bring out the best in your pets. Check with your local Walmart to find out which different types of fish can be kept in the same tank, often called a community tank. Some fish don’t play well with others.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Regular water changes are the single most important thing you can do to maintain your aquarium on a regular basis. Change 25% of the water every two weeks. You don’t have to remove the fish and gravel – use a gravel vacuum to siphon water and debris into a bucket. Siphon from the bottom and stir the gravel to help move debris into the water where it can be filtered out. It’s best to use the same bucket for all your water changes – but don’t use that bucket for any other purpose.

Refill your tank using room-temperature water that has been conditioned with Tetra AquaSafe® to remove chlorine and other substances that can harm your fish.

Every two to four weeks, change the carbon filter cartridge in your power filter. A new cartridge will trap more of the solid debris you want to remove from the water, and the new carbon in the cartridge will immediately start absorbing unwanted odors, discoloration and impurities from the water. Note: You do not want to change the sponge in the Whisper® filters, the BIO-Fiber in Aqua-Tech® filters or the BIO-Wheel in the Hex 5 Home Aquarium Kits, only the carbon filter cartridge.

After you’ve cleaned the gravel, changed the filter cartridge and performed the 25% water change, your aquarium could appear cloudy. This is perfectly normal. Within a few days, the water will clear as the power filter does its job.

6 Signs of Happy, Healthy Fish