Home Aquarium Starter Kits

Home Aquarium Starter Kits contain the essentials that you'll need to set up a happy, healthy home for your fish and it's all in one convenient package. It’s the simplest way to get started and with AQUA-Tech® and AquaCulture, it’s affordable, too. AQUA-Tech® and AquaCulture Home Aquarium Starter Kits are available at Walmart in a variety of sizes. Just add gravel, water and fish.

Each AQUA-Tech® or AquaCulture Home Aquarium Starter Kits include the following:

  • Glass Aquarium
  • Light Hood with Lamp(s)
  • AQUA-Tech® or Tetra Whisper® Power Filter and Filter Cartridge
  • TetraCare® Brochure including:
    • Tetra AquaSafe® Water Conditioner
    • Tetra Premium Fish Food Sample
  • Set-up guide with easy to use, step by step instructions