Placing Your Aquarium in the Perfect Location

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to choose the perfect location for your aquarium.

Your aquarium should be placed on an aquarium stand or other sturdy surface close to an electrical outlet. An aquarium with water, gravel and fish weighs approximately 10 to 11 pounds per gallon so make sure the surface can accommodate the weight. There also should be adequate space between the back of the tank and the wall for access to the equipment.

Fish can be stressed just like people. Consider these factors when placing your aquarium to reduce the stress that your fish will face, allowing them to thrive and be healthy and happy.

  • Avoid windows as direct sunlight on the aquarium could cause significant algae growth, detracting from the beauty of your aquarium.
  • Keep your aquarium away from anything that could affect the temperature, such as radiators or heating and air conditioning vents. Dramatic swings in water temperature can stress the fish. Direct sunlight can also heat the water in the aquarium above the desired level.
  • Avoid high traffic areas to avoid stressing fish.