Trivia - Fishy Facts

Q) Where does the word “fish” come from?
A) The Latin word piscis became the Germanic word fisch, which became the Old English word fisc, which became today’s word, fish.
Q) How much of the Earth’s fresh water is underground?
A) 98.5%
Q) Do sharks have scales?
A) No, their skin is covered with dermal denticles, or “skin teeth.”
Q) Do you think your fish can hear?
A) Yes, but they don’t have ears that open to the outside. Sound waves are picked up through a fish’s body.
Q) When and where did the first public aquarium open?
A) 1853, in Regents Park in London, England.
Q) What do you call the whiskers on catfish and other bottom dwellers?
A) Barbels.
Q) What do you call a scientist who studies fish?
A) An ichthyologist.
Q) What Hollywood blockbuster sold the most DVDs and videos in one day?
A) Finding Nemo, sales of 8 million DVDs and videos.
Q) How many species of fish exist on Earth?
A) More than 24,000.
Q) When and where were Goldfish first bred?
A) In China during the 11th century, from the occasional colorful specimen found among carp bred for food.
Q) Fish live in water, of course …but how much of a fish IS water?
A) 70%.
Q) There are how many different types of catfish?
A) More than 2,000.
Q) Freshwater tropical fish are most active and most healthy at what water temperature?
A) 76-80 degrees Fahrenheit.