Aquarium Product Setup

Here you'll find the most commonly asked questions about aquariums and fish keeping. If you don't find the answer to your question here, you can e-mail us at TetraCare® or call at 1-800-423-6458.

Q) What should I do if my new Power Filter is not working?
A) Be sure there is water in the pump chamber -- if you don’t add water to the pump chamber, the filter will pull in air. Also, take care with how much water is in the aquarium. Most filters need the water level to be about 1” from the lip of the filter, and a shallow tank may prevent the filter from working. Finally, make sure your bubble walls and/or air stones are not directly under the intake tube. If bubbles go up the main tube, it will cause a rattling sound and may stop your filter from working.
Q) My new Power Filter starts to work, then shuts off. What should I do?
A) This is often a problem with the impeller. Make sure the magnet and the white blades are connected as one piece. If they are separated, you will need a new impeller. This separation is covered under our 2-year warranty.

Other problems that may occur with the impeller include sand. Power Filters will not run properly in an aquarium containing sand. The sand gets between the magnetic impeller assembly and the Energizer®, preventing it from turning. You could possibly replace the sand with gravel or purchase a mesh net from your local pet store. Place the mesh net (or a piece of panty hose) on the strainer. Your filter will still pull out waste but it will not pull up the sand.

Q) Does my Power Filter put oxygen in the water or do I need an air pump?
A) The Power Filter cleans the water and adds oxygen. As the water flows back into the tank, it breaks the surface area and puts in oxygen. It works like a waterfall. It can only benefit your tank to have extra oxygen but the Power Filter is all you need.
Q) Is the Tetra In-Tank Filter submersible?
A) The Tetra In-Tank Filter is completely submersible. The pump is a modified pond pump that has been in production for more than 7 years. It is perfectly safe.
Q) Do Tetra Air pumps come with airline tubing?
A) The airline tubing, air stones, check valve, etc. are all sold separately. The pumps are sold with a “t” connector. This will allow you to combine two ports into one port. If you have a pump with two ports, the pump will be very loud if you do not put airline tubing on both ports.